Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So... Who are the BIGGEST winners and losers?

So... now that the elections are over, who, besides the American public, are the big winners and losers?


CONDILEEZA RICE...Now that the Neocons are officially disgraced, and Rice's arch nemesis The Donald is gone, her influence within the administration increases markedly. Bush's new foriegn policy team is made up of pragmatists, with James Baker, Dr. Robert Gates, and Lee Hamilton pretty much calling the shots. Rice will fit right in nicely here. Gone are the neocon theorists Rumsfeld, Wolfowicz, and Pearle. And VP Cheney is now little more than a guy occupying a chair.

NANCY PELOSI... Becomes the most powerful woman in the world! First female Speaker of the House will control the Congressional agenda. Senate Majority Leader Reid will be no match for Pelosi's forceful personality. And she is sure a lot easier on the eyes then Dennis Hastert!


NEOCONS... Are now officially disgraced and politically insignificant. Pragmatism is the new word in foriegn policy. Kristol, Pearle, Wolfowicz,et. al. are prety much disgraced. David Gergen believes the movement may be permenantly crippled. Good riddance!

CHRISTIAN RECONSTRUCTIONISTS... James Dobson and those who sought to make the GOP the POG (Party of God), and impose "Christian government" on us have taken a big hit. Not only are most of their allies in Congress gone, but over half of voters identifying themselves as Evangelicals voted Democratic this election.

RUSH LIMBAUGH... May be responsible for handing the Senate to the Dems. Clair McCaskill says that her campaign got a huge boost in donations after Limbaugh attacked Micheal J. Fox on the air and accused him of faking his Parkinson's symptoms. Literally millions of dollars were directed to McCaskill's campaign from folks angered and disgusted by Rush's comments.

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