Sunday, October 31, 2004



While GWB continues to use fringe science as an excuse to drag his feet on greenhouse gas regulation, the arctic is apparently in much worse shape then anyone had imagined. A new study, commissioned by eight nations (including the US) with territory in the arctic, concludes the arctic is melting much faster than previously believed. According to an article in Saturday's New York Times, 300 scientist's have spent the last four years studying the impact of global warming. Rapid climate change, due mostly to smokestack and auto emissions, is causing the arctic environment to change much faster than arctic wildlife can adapt, especially polar bears and ice dwelling seals. This in turn will have a devastating effect on the native peoples who depend on them for sustenance.

The study also concludes that the thawing of the tundra will make it much more difficult to extract oil and gas from the arctic regions, and melting of the two mile thick glaciers in Greenland threatens a major rise in ocean levels.

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They saw wasps in the high arctic for the first time this year. The Inuit don't even have a word for wasp.
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