Friday, October 29, 2004



American Public Media's popular show Marketplace is reporting that the results of the election may drastically help or hurt the corporate bottom line. America's standing in the world is already hurting sales of US products abroad. THE GAP is closing all its stores in Germany. Many American retailers, including Wal Mart, are suffering from reduced European sales. EuroDisney is hemorrhaging money.

Five years ago, American goods were trendy in Europe. Four out of five Germans had a favorable view of America. American pop culture was an influence all over Europe. What a difference a presidential term can make! Now 3 out of 4 Germans have an unfavorable view of the US. In Spain and Portugal it's 87% unfavorable. Arnold Schwarzenegger's hometown in Austria has cancelled a multimillion dollar statue to his honor. Rising anti-American sentiment, and der governator's association with Bush, has made the once wildly popular hometown hero persona non grata in his childhood home.

The Bush presidency has created an atmosphere where Europeans are voting against America with their purchasing habits. For American companies doing business in Europe, a Bush victory could make things ugly.

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