Tuesday, October 26, 2004


CAN YOU SAY..........?

Latest economic news:

Consumer confidence drops 4 points, largest drop this year. Third straight month consumer confidence down.
Index of leading economic indicators down for fifth straight month.
Job growth falls short again.
Toy manufacturers warn investors that orders from retailers are down sharply from last year.
Retailers warn investors of reduced Christmas sales.

CAN YOU SAY RECESSION? Yes, you can! And you should, every chance you get! It is important that your friends understand what is about to happen to the economy before they vote next tuesday!

Hi! Its Cara, I was just taking a look at your site. I kinda skimmed thru, I didn't have time to read it all. I was just wondering if you were gonna post on your view of some of the debate issues such as embryonic stem cell research, gay marriage, and other issues. Maybe you already did, I'll have to look around and read some more. Just thought I'd add a comment...
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