Friday, October 29, 2004




Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- About 100,000 civilians have died as a result of the war in Iraq, according to research from Johns Hopkins University. The findings are the first scientific study of the effects of war on Iraqi citizens, according to the Lancet medical journal, which is publishing the research.

The study, based on a survey comparing mortality rates in Iraq during the 15 months before and 18 months after the March 2003 invasion, found violence was the leading cause of death after the invasion. The majority of the civilian deaths were women and children, said the study, led by Hopkins' Les Roberts.

Most of the casualties occurred after the end of major hostilities in May 2003, researchers said in the study. Observations suggest that civilian deaths since the war are mostly caused by air strikes, the survey said. Two-thirds of the deaths were in the insurgent-held Sunni Muslim Iraqi city of Fallujah, the study says. (end of story)

Can anyone really fathom the depth of the tragedy of our invasion of Iraq? Hundreds of thousands of human beings from a dozen countries killed or wounded. Lives wasted, resources destroyed. An insurgency that could go on for decades, armed to the teeth by our own government's negligence.

For what reason? To secure nonexistent weapons of mass destruction? To remove an impotent dictator who was in no position to threaten anyone, let alone the US? To remove a nonexistent supporter of Bin Laden? How foolish, how depressing, how damnable! Damnable the neo-cons who foisted this folly off on us. Damnable the Congress which had neither the balls nor the brains to say NO to this fiasco. Damnable the citizens who not only have allowed it, but are on the verge of voting for more years of this disaster. No wonder the rest of the world is wishing a Pox on our collective house.

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