Monday, October 25, 2004



Almost anyone can take the easy route and say the best way to help the war effort is to remove the commander in chief. However, the Great White Bear doesn't believe in taking the easy route. So here are some concrete suggestions:

1. Replace Gen. Myers with the Postmaster General. Or the Inspector General. Or the Surgeon General. At this point, almost any general would be an improvemnt (with the possible exception of the Attorney General)

2. Make Patriots coach Bill Bellinchek Secretary of Defense. Now theres a guy who knows how to win!

3. As soon as the World Series is over, send Jonny of Nazereth (occasionally known as Jonny Damon) to Iraq. Anybody whose team can make 8 errors in 2 games and win both of them must have an in with God.

4. Make all GIs grow funky hairdoos and facial hair. Seems to be working for the Red Sox.

5. Remove George Bush from active management. Remember, he once traded Sammy Sosa!

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