Monday, October 25, 2004



Please explain to me how we could manage to lose 640,000 lbs. of ultra high explosives! Is it conceivable that any ranking officer in the US military could know these explosives were there, yet fail to secure them? Please, somebody give me a logical explanation that doesn't include complete, utter, incompetance!

Two weeks ago, Sen. Richard Lugar (Rep. IN) told the nation that we were in a mess in Iraq due to the incompetance of this administration. I wonder if this played a part in his thinking? Keep in mind almost nothing one can think of could be a bigger danger to our troops overseas. This is not your average run of the mill explosive. This is the stuff of missle warheads. A half pound of this explosive is said to be enough to level a 4 story building. We have, through sheer negligence and stupidity, handed 320 tons over to our enemies! How much of it will end up being used against American GIs? How much against government targets in Iraq. How much in terrorist acts against Isreal, or Russia, or Indonesia, or the Phillipines? How much against targets in this country? George Bush has said that he is the one most capable of protecting us from terrorism. OH REALLY? Is giving ammunition to the enemy anyones idea of keeping us safe? Paleeezze!

George Bush has warned us about changing horses in the middle of the stream. I say, "if your horse is drowning, change is good!"

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