Sunday, October 24, 2004


Random thoughts

Todays Iraq news. 50 newly trained Iraqi soldiers ambushed and massacred. US soldier killed. US diplomat killed. 6 Iraqis killed in car bomb. 16 Iraqi policemen killed in car bomb. DOES ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND REALLY BELIEVE WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR?

Can someone explain to me why the Lions can beat good teams on the road, but can't beat bad teams at home?

Can HOCKEYTOWN SURVIVE a hockeyless winter? Can Sean?

Can Jonny of Nazareth and his 8 disciples continue to survive their comedy of errors and lack of middle relief against Tony L and the Redbirds?

Will Joe Buck cause his father to turn over in his grave by yelling ramalama ding dong after a St. Louis home run?

How disgusted with Bush did former Navy Seal and Minnesota governer Jesse "The Body" Ventura have to become to break his vow of silence and endorse Kerry friday?

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