Thursday, October 28, 2004



George Bush's claim that the 320 tons of explosive missing from ammo dump may have disappeared before the start of the war appears to have been unceremoniously debunked! Video taken by a Minneapolis/St. Paul news crew vested with the 101st Airborne shows barrel after barrel of material marked explosive at the al Quqaa arms facility. This video was taken on April 18, 2003, long after the April 3 date the administration claims the explosives came up missing. Go to to view pics. Or click on Talking Points Memo link in side bar. Joshua Micah Marshall's site is one of the best political blogs on the net!

Postal workers everywhere are furious at assertions by Broward County FL election officials that the PO is responsible for 60,000 missing absentee ballots. Even more furious over accusation that local carriers are deliberately delivering ballots to Democratic voters only. Having worked as a driver under contract to the PO for thirty years, I can tell you that A) There is no way they lost 60,000 ballots, most of which were staying in county. B) I know of no postal carrier who would risk his high paying job over a few absentee ballots.

well i am sure that a postal worker, or anyone who works for a company that is contracted to the PO, wouldnt bother with loosing a mere 60,000 ballots.. nowwwwwwwww if it were 600,000 i would believe it..

funny how history seems to be repeating itself isnt it.. hmmmm, wonder how many months it will take to get the final tally on who is the prez this time..
LOL....could be ages.....If Renquist kicks the bucket, you'll have the Supremes tied.....we may just have to work on the honor system fo a while....might do better anyhow
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