Thursday, November 25, 2004



The Dubya has a wonderful plan for your life. That is, it's wonderful if you are Barbra Striesand, Wayne Gretsky, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or some other mega millionaire. The Chosen One's new simplified tax plan is apparently God's latest gift to the already blessed. The plan transfers the tax burden from the wealthy to the working class, creates new tax shelters for the most privileged, rewarding them with tax free savings and medical accounts. Of course, someone has to make up for the lost revenues that will burden Uncle Sam's already strained to the breaking point budget.

So this is how he plans to reward all of you who naively entrusted him with a second term. He is going to tell you to bend over and grab your ankles. Kiss your virgin ass good bye, along with your company sponsored health care plan. Because Dubya is going to do away with with the tax deduction your employer gets to help offset the expense of your policy. Since most employers are already having difficulty paying for these policies, chances are your plan will be dropped like a hot potato. Even if you work for a wealthy corporation who has little trouble paying the expense of your health plan, chances are they will jump at the excuse, leaving you to fend for yourself against giant insurance companies. Keep in mind if you have a family of four, this plan will likely cost you upwards of ten thousand dollars. Oh yeah, and the federal tax deduction you get for state and local taxes, wish it bon voyage. It goes too!

Now if you live in a blue state (or Ohio or Indiana, so much for rewarding you), you get to bend over yet again. This tax "reform" plan means you get even less of the money you send to Washington back. As it is, for every dollar your state sends to Washington in taxes, it gets back an average of 80 cents. Meanwhile, those red ( i.e. welfare) states, get back about $1.20. This new plan takes even more from you and gives it to them. Nice, huh!

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