Tuesday, November 02, 2004



So here it is, election night, and no indication of a winner. So I sit here pondering what my reactions will be tomorrow. If Kerry wins, will I be a gracious winner. Unlikely...I will gloat even more than I do when the Red Wings beat the Black Hawks or Maple Loafs. Damn, I miss hockey!

But what if Bush wins. What are my options? Shoot myself immediately comes to mind! My mother was born in England, I believe under English law, I can apply to become a citizen of the UK. Attractive option, I could use the health care benefits! Or, I can channel all that anger towards the 2006 Congressional election! Decisions, decisions. Hopefully, I'll only have to worry about being a gracious winner!

This next president WILL get at least one supreme court pick. Thankfully Renquist is already conservative so his replacement, if picked by Bush, won't tip the balance very much.

I'd love to say I'd move out of the country, but I can't do that. I have to stay and fight back. And stop spending money on anything except food and rent.

Cross your fingers.
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