Friday, November 19, 2004



Republicans are justifying changing house rules concerning indicted party leaders by claiming a political witch hunt. The change allows the soon-to-be-indicted-on-felony-charges majority whip Tom DeLay to keep his job. Republicans charge that Travis Co. Dist. Atty. Ronnie Earle, a Democrat, is investigating DeLay for purely political reasons. It is a charge that is frequently repeated in major news outlets, especially (but not exclusively) Fox.

This charge might seem logical, except for one fact. Earle has prosecuted a number of prominent Democrats over the years. In fact, of his fifteen political prosecutions, eleven were democrats. Yet the media continues to spread the partisan smear against Earle's reputation, and has made it easier for Republicans to protect the sleazy DeLay.

Most experts say Earles case against DeLay is strong. So how is it the party of moral issues is preparing to protect this scumbag from prosecution?

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