Tuesday, November 23, 2004



Where do I begin? American death toll in Iraq so far this month is over 100. Our IN 3rd district Congressman and presidential lap dog, Chris Chocola (forever after to be know as Rep. Chocopoodle), voted to shield Tom DeLay from losing his leadership post if indicted on a felony charge. Think it might have anything to do with the $30,000 DeLay donated to Chocopoodle's last campaign?

Meanwhile, Bush's buddy and bastion of freedom Vladimir Putin is openly meddling in Ukraine's affairs. He is openly supporting the winner of the election in the Ukraine, even though virtually every election observer called the election fixed. This latest in a series of anti democratic moves would normally elicit diplomatic protest from the US. But neither Bush or Putin are much interested in promoting democratic rights these days.

Apparently neither is Tony Blair. His proposed new anti terror legislation includes trials of English citizens without jury, and indefinite jailing without charges being filed. Blair should be ashamed. He has allowed the threat of terror to revoke basic British civil rights. For all practical purposes, the terrorists have already won.

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