Friday, December 03, 2004



The NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association) announced yesterday that it has a new creative proposal they believe will end the impasse with the owners, end the lockout, and BRING US OUR HOCKEY BACK! HALLELUJAH, SAINTS BE PRAISED! JESUS, JOSEPH AND MARY, CAN IT BE TRUE?

Damn.... probably not. According to ESPN hockey analyst and former Blackhawks player rep. Darren Pang, the new proposal does not contain a salary cap. Without one, the deal is probably DOA.

Smart move on the part of the Union though. By making it sound like they have bent over backwards to please ownership, the onus is now clearly on the owners. If the NHLPA can sell this to the fans, the team owners now become the bad guys in the publics eyes. Gives them a lot more bargaining leverage.

I so miss my Red Wings, but I am not getting my hopes up for hockey this year quite yet.

Don't get your hopes up....everybody involved is way too greedy to settle....learn to love lacrosse.
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