Sunday, December 05, 2004


Hey Notre Dame, do you realize you look....STUPID?

The Ty Willingham fiasco just gets worse. The presumed heir to the throne has bolted for Florida. The Detroit Lions' Steve Marriuchi didn't think taking a 4 million dollar pay cut sounded good, and politely declined. Leading candidate now is a former domer who is offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, Charlie Weiss. Upside, Weiss is a genuine genius,
I.Q. 160 +. He is smart enough to win close games against superior opponents. He should communicate well with the smarter than average ND student athlete. Downside... Weiss will likely be unavailable until after the Superbowl, 3 days before recruits sign their letters of intent.

So, they either settle for a coach they really aren't sold on, or sacrifice a whole years worth of recruiting. Quick, somebody call George Lynch!

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