Wednesday, December 08, 2004



The web log All Things Canadian ( has published details of the contract proposal the NHLPA will present to the owners tomorrow. It's biggest feature is a 75 cent on the dollar luxury tax for payrolls over $40,000,000.00. It is serious money. For example, it would cost the Red Wings about $28 mil a year.

This is a terrific offer and the owners should jump at it. First, because it is likely the best offer they will ever get. Second, if they don't, the fans will start to blame them for the impasse. It's bad politics, and it's bad business.

So is there hope? Hard to tell. Depends if there are more progressive owners than dinosaurs like the Black Hawk's Bill Wirtz. If Wirtz is the standard, then hockey is doomed. Lets hope the collective ownership doesn't hail from Jurassic Park.

The lockout makes me so sad. I'm a huge hockey fan and haven't followed it much the past few years, with school and all. This year I was gearing back up for fandom, and then this happens. I live in a city with an AHL team, but my cable company doesn't carry their games, and it's hard for me to get out to see them. :(
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