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A heads up to MISTER ANCHOVY (misteranchovy.blogspot,com) for this one! View the 50 MOST LOATHSOME AMERICANS OF 2004 here: Incidentally, Mister Anchovy is one of my favorite blogs! An eclectic assortment of politics, art, and the offbeat. You really should make it a regular visit!

I watched the movie NIGHTSHIFT last night. It doesn't seem like it was 25 years ago that it first came out! Well, it didn't until I saw how young Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton, and Shelley Long looked. I believe this was the first feature film by my favorite director, Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, The Paper, Splash, Parenthood). Incidentally, I still love this movie!

I was viewing comments on another blog this morning and came across something that never fails to get my dander up (how's that for showing my age by dredging an ancient saying)! Some guy whining about "confiscatory" taxes. This guy lives in the country with the lowest overall taxes is the western world! Worse, most of these guys come from states that in effect pay no taxes at all and are, practically speaking, welfare states. The fact is, most southern and western states receive far more money from Washington than they send to Washington. On average, they receive about $1.20 for very $1 they send. Which means the coastal states, along with the Great Lakes states, subsidize these welfare mommas! So, lets make a deal..we'll let you whine all you want about taxes, as soon as you give back all the money you sponged off the rest of us! Otherwise, quit whining, ASSHOLES!

Thanks for the plug, mister bear!!
Wow, you're givin' me flashbacks when you talk about "Nightshift" -- one of the parts in there is still a private joke with Jim and me. Since you've just seen the movie, you'll get this conversation:

Me: (every time we get in the car) You want some music?
Jim: (apprehensively, 'cause he knows what's coming) Uuuuh, yeah. . .
Me: (singing the intro to the Stones' "Satisfaction") Dunt dunt. . .dun dun DUN dun dun dun dun dun. . .

This conversation can also be reversed at any time. And it never, ever gets old. :)
Most of our tax woes could be solved if the government went after the corporate tax dodgers. Millions (if not Billions) of dollars are lost in potential tax revenue from companies that have off-shore "headquarters" (i.e. a mailbox in the Bahamas).
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