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I have come across a couple of really good blogs I'd like to recommend. One is political in nature. It is called BLONDESENSE (blondesense.blogspot.com). The other is hilarious! Titled the BUCKY FOUR-EYES COTILLION BLOG (bucky4eyes.blogspot.com), it is full of self deprecating humor (don't let the author fool you, she is really a babe!). I have really enjoyed visiting these blogs recently, and recommend them highly!

hey. I came across your blog by hitting the "next blog" button. I read some of your posts, and i like your blog.

Like you, i am agonizing over the NHL lockout. I'm a season ticket holder with the Carolina Hurricanes, so you might say that I'm better off with no hockey than with bad hockey, but I love them, and I hate the lockout.
One of your posts was about how David Stern handled the Ron Artest situation, and how Gary Bettman handled the Todd Bertuzzi situation. I agree that Bettman did a decent job with that, although I really think Bertuzzi should have been banned permanently. Just as Marty McSorley should have been. We got lucky that McSorley retired, but I think that Bettman would have let him off the hook. Bettman got lucky with the lockout. He probably would have not been strong enough to extend the suspension of Bertuzzi. Bettman is such a bad commissioner, and it was terrific to hear the resounding boos he got at the 2004 entry draft. I loved it.
I'm not optimistic about the meeting between NHL and NHLPA this coming Wednesday. Both sides are being dumb, but I can't help but blame Bettman for allowing it to get to this point.

I also agree that the Arcade Fire kick ass.

anyway, good blog.
I agree that Bettman is the real problem. He has made it persona between he and Goodenow. It has ceased to be a labor dispute. It is now a gudge match. The quicker we can jettison the two of them, the quicker we will have hockey back. At least here, we have monor league and college hockey readily available!
Greatwhite, thanks for the shout out! :)
I am telling my husband he has to refer to me as a babe now, because it's on the internet, so it must be true.
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