Saturday, January 29, 2005



The following is an excerpt from an article in a most surprising source: THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE magazine.

"People say that this war isn’t like Vietnam. They are correct. Washington fights its war in Iraq with no better understanding of Iraq than it had of Vietnam, but with much better understanding of the United States. The Pentagon learned from Asia. This time around it has controlled the press well. Here is the great lesson of Southeast Asia: the press is dangerous, not because it is inaccurate, which it often is, but because it often isn’t. So we don’t much see the caskets —for reasons of privacy, you understand.

The war in Iraq is fought by volunteers, which means people that no one in power cares about. No one in the mysteriously named “elite” gives a damn about some kid from a town in Tennessee that has one gas station and a beer hall with a stuffed buck’s head. Such a kid is a redneck at best, pretty much from another planet, and certainly not someone you would let your daughter date. If conscription came back, and college students with rich parents learned to live in fear of The Envelope, riots would blossom as before. Now Yale can rest easy. Thank God for throwaway people."

The entire article, WALKING WOUNDED, by Fred Reed, is the most honest assessment of the war I have yet seen. That it comes from THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE is not just a surprise. It is a damning indictment of all the neo-cons have wrought in Iraq.

Please take the time to view the entire article at:

A special heads up to Al Hill at for pointing this one out!

When you think about it, this isn't at all surprising. Real conservatives should be upset with Bush's military bravado and spending frenzies. They're starting to speak up now I think because the election is over. If they'd done so in Sept/Oct they'd risk a Democrat in office and we can't have THAT ;-). I think we'll start to see a break in the GOP between the zealots and the real conservatives (whom the zealots call RINOs). I think I'll start calling those zealots CUNTs (Conservative Unbalanced Nutjob Tyrants)
CUNTS....I like it!
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