Friday, January 21, 2005



bouts of depression. But the sight of Dubya and his minions dancing while our children die, the reports I am seeing about US troops leveling houses and removing topsoil In Fallujah to destroy the evidence of napalm use, and the lack of F***ING RED WINGS HOCKEY is all too much. I am retreating to my office with a large pizza from Barnaby's, two six packs of Woodchuck Hard Cider (one amber, one granny smith), a quart of B & J's Cherry Garcia, and a handful of Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.

I realize such behavior verges on suicidal. But could there be a better way to go than consuming cider with my good friends Ben and Jerry while watching FIST FULL OF DOLLARS? I don't think so!

mmmmm... pizza and Woodchuck cider!! them's good eatin'!! *lol*

Oh yea.... Pres. Bush isn't evil. Saddam was. Thank you.
It doesn't neccessarily follow that because Saddam was evil, Dubya isn't.
That sounds like a good night to me. Only, I have to say, I don't miss Red Wings hockey. I miss Blackhawks hockey ;) Of course, my team sucks, so maybe the lockout is a good thing. A respite of sorts. Seriously, I want my NHL back NOW!!!
You'll feel better, you really will, when you realize that you are neither Baxter nor Rojo.
That's not really objective on my part, though, because I think everything can be smoothed over with a plateful of Eastwood spaghetti.
you're gonna have a really bad headache when you emerge back into the world, but the peculiar recipe you've concocted just might get you through...
The band NOFX hit the nail on the head two years ago on their album "War on Errorism". One song starts, "looks like the wrong time to be sober, now the idiots have taken over", and it keeps building from there. Recommended listening.

I'm medicating too.
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