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Alberto Gonzales is about to become the highest law enforcement officer in the land. This should worry you. This should scare you. This should embarrass you. This should anger you.

In Judge Gonzales opinion, the president may ignore laws he deems unconstitutional. This would be a surprise to the Supreme Court, who in the past have pointed out to both President Truman and the current president that only the SUPREMES have the right to decide constitutionality.

Judge Gonzales believes that torture of enemy combatants is permissible, so long as it doesn't bring on organ failure or death.

Judge Gonzales believes the Geneva Conventions to be quaint. Which explains why so many current and former military officials are actively opposing his nomination.

Why should you care about the human rights of the enemy? First, you should understand that we support the Geneva Conventions as much for the protections they afford our soldiers as for those afforded our enemies. If we are not willing to follow them, why should our enemies bother to treat our captive soldiers humanely?

Second, a government that will cavalierly torture it's enemies, will eventually be tempted, push come to shove, to torture it's own citizens.

But most importantly, you should care because it is blatantly un-American. It is a gross violation of our national mores, of how we view ourselves as a people. Americans have always prided ourselves on doing things because they are right, because they are moral, not because they are convenient. It is how we define ourselves, our culture. If we have become so fearful we are willing to abandon our identity, we should bring our troops home immediately. Because we have already lost the war. The terrorists have won. Quite frankly, I'm just not that f***ing, frightened, thank you!

So... a challenge to all my evangelical friends and family. In the past few months, I have accused you of blatant hypocrisy in your support of the Republican agenda. Here is a chance to redeem yourselves. You have great influence within the ruling party. So ask yourselves what Jesus would do. Unless you can somehow come to the conclusion that Jesus would condone torture, call your Senators offices and inform them that a vote to affirm Alberto Gonzales will be a vote against them when they run for reelection. Encourage your fellow congregates and followers to do the same. YOU have the power to derail this nomination!


This is fantastic and well stated. I agree with you. However, I think you made a mistake with the sentence:

"It is how we define ourselves, our culture."

You left the "d" off of "define".

In fact, the terrorists DID win. The once great America is almost dead. The philosophical foundations that founded this country are gone. Morals won over principles. While the population is all worried about desecration of the flag, the politicians stole the Constitution (something I find sacred).

Thank you for the excellent post, one EVERYONE should read. kf
I totally agree. I've written my Senator (Dick Durbin is on the Judiciary Committee) several times. We cannot allow someone with such blatant disregard of both domestic and international law become our "enforcer". I mean, John Ashcroft was bad, but Gonzales is worse. We're going to end up with Attorney General Torquemada.

And for someone who opposes "Affirmative Action" as "quotas" Bush sure did play the race card on this one.

Gee, how can we oppose the first Latino Attorney General? Easilly.
"Morals" won over principles? Since when do morals include torture? (Mind you, only mild, non-organ-failure-inducing torture.) As much as the White House would like you to believe this has something to do with morals, it doesn't (except the absences of them). This is about playing on human beings worst qualities: self-centeredness and xenophobia, and a willingness to sacrifice virtually any principle for a percieved short-term benefit to one's self. And these are exactly the same buttons that every totalitarian regime in history has pushed to get into power. And that's what we're witnessing here, today.
You know, I travel to America quite a bit. My experience with Americans has been almost without exception positive. The people I've met in the US have been good, kind and generous people, almost without exception.

This summer, though, for the first time, I traveled with a passport.
I have to say, I was really very, very disappointed to see another Republican government elected in America.
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