Friday, February 18, 2005



I admit it, I have become addicted to blog surfing. I am wasting way too much time doing this! However, I came across a couple of really funny blogs today:

Jesus' General ....this is a hilarious satirical look at christian right.
The Big O.... send up of Bill O'Reilley!

View the 2004 Weasel Awards at (one of these days I'll learn to do hyperinks. In the meantime, copy and paste!)

To do a hyperlink, in the text box, where you want it, you type: The title of the link here
oops, I think that just made the link and you won't see what I me and I'll send you the instruction....
seems there is a bigger problem. I am using Mac OSX.3 with Safari and IE for mac as my browsers. apparently text editor doesn't work in either one of these. I am now trying to decide if I want to use up he hard drive space to download Mozilla.
I'm on OSX.3 with safari too. You don't need the text editor. You just need a little bit of html. When you want to make a link, you simply write in the correct html for a link right on your posting. It always starts with an angular bracket, like: <. After the bracket, you type the letter a followed by href=.....after that, you need quotation marks, followed by the address for the add the other quotation mark and the other bracket. After the bracket, you type the name of the link, then a new bracket, followed by /a and the end bracket. This tells the browser that the section of html code is finished. Does that make sence? It is really easier than my description sounds, but if I type it out, you won't see it because the browser will try to insert a link. When you publish, the name of the link will appear as a link on your post.
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