Saturday, February 12, 2005



Bill Gallagher is an interesting guy. He's a tv reporter for WJBK, channel 2 (Fox), in Detroit. He is also a former city councilman in Niagara Falls, NY, and writes a weekly column for the NIAGARA FALLS REPORTER. His writing is often hilarious, usually pointed, always insightful, and considering he works for a Fox network affiliate, very daring. I can't believe the network of Bill (why don't you record me sexually harassing you) O'Lielly and Sean Hannady hasn't pressured WJBK to get rid of him. Unless, of course, they're afraid he'll go over to WXYZ and improve their ratings. He definitely has cajones!

Anyhow, view his latest column, ANOTHER WACKY WEEK IN BUSHWORLD, at: Be sure to look back in the archives at some of his previous columns too!

Also, check out the hilarious "Schoolhouse Rock" cover on this weeks paper.

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