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the things people react to on your blog. The other day I wrote this rambling blog about my week. Included was a a bit about the rapid melting of the South American glaciers, and the climate ramifications thereof. It ended with a hot financial tip to buy Michigan real estate, it's the next Florida. I thought sure this would elicit commentary. But instead, I inspired a debate on the merits of Tim Horton's vs. Krispy Kreme. And just for the record, while TH makes fine doughnuts, I don't go there for them. I go there for the tarts. Both the ones in the display case (butter, raisin, pecan), and the ones behind the counter. One in particular.

She used to work at the Horton's on Huron St. and Cass Lk. Rd. in Pontiac. She was a young woman of color, tall, big brown eyes, mocha skin, ample cleavage, and legs like Ann Miller or Juliette Prowse. But most importantly, she had THE SMILE! You know, the one that melts hearts faster than a microwave melts butter. When you came in to the store, she instantly made you feel important.

She was a student at Oakland University, and I'm sure she has moved on to breaking the hearts of young men in the working world. But every time I go past a Horton's, I can't help but smile.

Oh, by the way, the tarts at M-59 and Williams Lk. Rd. are excellent too!

What did Americans do for coffee before the invasion of Tim Horton's? We have a theory up here that the evil Tim Horton's illuminati put Timmy heroin in their coffee to keep us drinking it.

I wonder how many people remember Tim Horton? A few hockey fans, for sure. Some might even remember that he died in a car wreck near St. Catherines, Ontario
I certainly remember Tim Horton as a player. He was on that great Stanley Cup team with the Big M, Davy Keon, and Marcel Pronovost. As I recall, when Punch Imlach took over as coach/GM at Buffalo, Horton was one of his first aquisitions.

Ooops! I think I just dated myself here!
I think for a long time there was no Timmies in Toronto because of the trade pissing off Horton. So my dad says, I'm too young for that. But yes there is some sort of addicting substance in the coffee.
We call that caffeine. Those fine folks who make Coke, Pepsi, and especially Mountain Dew use it in large quantities to addict unsuspecting young folks!
Thank you for the remark Captain Obvious but I meant something along the lines of what mister anchovy describes as Timmy heroin.
Perhaps you missed the sardonic wit......
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