Friday, February 25, 2005



This situation sound familiar? You're having a pleasant luncheon conversation with a very attractive (can you say cleavage?) coworker! Then you hear it, the dreaded cell phone. Next thing you know the guy at the table next to you is screaming about how come his bushel of bushwhackers hasn't arrived, and about all the angry customers he has because they can't whack their bushes because the bushel of bushwhackers hasn't arrived, and how if these people's bushes get any bigger people will be whacking each other in the bushes, blah,blah,blah. Obviously, any mood you may have striven to create is long gone, as well as the opportunity to ask Ms. Cleavage over for a gourmet dinner complimented by copious amounts of wine. All because some ill mannered lout couldn't turn off his cell phone for a half hour.

Well friend, never allow the ambiance of a romantic luncheon be spoiled again. Try our newest product, and avoid those tv dinners consumed alone!

I need one of those for the skytrain ride home. There's nothing worse than being yelled at all day and then having a group of Japanese teens arrive in my car en masse all yammering away non-stop on cell phones. Brutal.
had to google skytrain to be sure what you were talking about. We don't have such amenities here in b.f. Indiana. It appears t be a much expanded version of Detroits people mover. Which, incidently, I love.
You might be surprised at how easy the solution is. If you simply ask the cell phone talker to take his conversation elsewhere, you will either impress your date or embarass the talker, or both. Don't just sit there, shake your head and grouse about it. Take action! At least this has been my experience with annoying cell-phone talkers.
I was at a Stompin Tom Conners show at Massey hall with mrs anchovy when some guy takes a cell phone call in the middle of Sudbury Saturday Night. I wish I had one of those jammers then. Can you get them with electro-shock attachments? (normally, I'm not a violent guy, but cell phones are right up there with souped up honda civics on the irritation scale)
you can soup up a Honda Civic? Isn't that kinda like souping up an Escort or Chevette? I mean, i suppose you could, but WHY?
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