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  • weasel awards

  • okay, I've figured out a half assed way to create links. Now, can anybody tell me how to get rid of these damn black dots?

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    About the black dots (I assume you mean the ones on the page -- if you are seeing other black dots before your eyes, I cannot help):
    When you're done with your list, and you go to the next line and it gives you a bullet, just hit your backspace and it should turn off further bulleting.
    you're using some wack code. somewhere, you've inserted the tags telling it you want a bulleted list. but you don't want that. just remove the
    < ul > and < / ul > tags from your post.
    that should do the trick.
    apparently, someplace in that vast, unintelligable list of code in the template, there are instructions telling it to add bullets to my comments. But I have no idea where to look, or what instructions to change. any ideas?
    It just occurred to me that you should also set up the 'blog this' feature on your toolbar. Then you can go to any site, click the blog this button and you get a text box with the link already set up - you just add your text and click publish.
    Do you use the editing page by blogger? (as opposed to some outside site)? If so:

    Highlight the bulleted text and click and unclick the bullet button in the toolbar where you compose your posts.

    Also, if you want the link to open in a new window as opposed to redirecting the browser, click the "edit HTML" tab and you will see your link appear like this


    type target="new" inside the bracket like so
    ..."" target="new">
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