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Okay, at the risk of gaining a reputation as a grumpy old man, I've gotta rant. Sometimes it's the little things in life that just bug the hell out of you. Do any of these things irritate you? Or am I REALLY turning into an irascible geezer?

1. Nothing says "I'm a redneck with a 6th grade education" better than a picture in your rear window of a little boy pissing on something. Now what makes anybody think thats funny, or cute? Says to me, "I uz brought up without proper training, and I'm proud of it"!

2. Close behind this is the sign that says "bad ass boyz drive bad ass toyz." Usually a 4 wheel drive pick up driven by some little guy with a spare tire of his own who couldn't whip the local girl scout arm rasslin champion! Got a news flash for you Billy Bob. A four wheel drive Ford is not a bad ass toy. A Masserati or a Ferrari is a bad ass toy, and you'd shit your drawer's the first time you let out on the clutch of one!

3. Nothing pisses me off more than the bumper sticker that says "my kid beat up your honor student"! Like raising a thug is something to be proud of! Here's my hope; that honor student grows up to be a district attorney or judge with a VERY long memory!

4. Note to all of you living south of the Ohio River. Elvis Presley and Dale Earnhart Sr. have one thing in common with Jesus. They are dead. What they don't have in common; no matter how much you wish and pray, they are not rising from the dead. MOVE ON ALREADY!

There! I feel MUCH BETTER, thank you!

I guess it depends on the intent of the person displaying certain things:

1: I think you're refering to the Calvin & Hobbes ripoff artwork. It depends on the person displaying it I guess... do they look like the kind of person that doesn't get that it's a joke? What if he were pissing on Dubya? ;-)

2: There's no excuse for these assholes, I agree. Have you seen Lincoln is coming out with a luxury pickup? Talk about oxymorons.

3: Again, depends on the person. Is the person displaying said bumper sticker to protest the inanity of the whole "look see how great my brat is" bumperstickers? I do agree that it perpetuates the "un-masculine" nature of being smart, and therefore perpetuates unhealthy images smart kids being weak.

4: Amen. Well put.
My grandparents and mother were immigrants from the United Kingdom. I guess I have inherited a certain English sense of decorum. and a sense that certain displays say more about the kind of person you are than they are about the object of derision. And no, as much as I hate Dubya, I wouldn't wear a t-shit with Calvin pissin on him.

I can't believe I just used the "how will people judge you" argument. Holy Shit! I AM turning into my mother!
Heh, I saw some redneck truck with a Calvin pissing on a rainbow flag. I was sooooo tempted to go pry the Calvin off when they weren't looking.

But, then again, I have a healthy fear of large rednecks!
I think you're funny, even if you are an old guy. Something you should draw from your list of dislikes is that they all display a dislike for ignorance, because this is true I'd think it wise not to stereotype people.
Katy....the perfect solution would have been remove it by baseball bat. are wise well beyond your 17 years.
silly, indeed, you are wise. Sterotyping people is a huge mistake and only fools do it. I stand quilty as charged on many occasions. Thank you for your insight. And I'm an old fart too!
Tell it, brother!
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