Friday, February 11, 2005


LONGER THAN EXPECTED HIATUS (and week in review)

Due to a malfunctioning keyboard, my hiatus was a bit longer than expected. So here is the week that was (let me just say a lot of comfort food was involved):

Friday night's Jim Valley concert was a great success. Watching Savannah up and dancing and doing all the motions was such fun. But not as much as doing them myself! Bonus #1: got one of my old Paul Revere and the Raiders albums (GREAT AIRPLANE STRIKE OF 1967) autographed. Bonus #2: got to eat at Steak and Shake instead of Applebees (much easier on Bompa's wallet).

Off to Hockeytown Saturday morning. Lunch at my sisters instead of Fishbone's. She made chili from our mom's old recipe, talk about comfort food! Michigan and MSU kissed their sisters (1-1 tie). You know, old hockey saying, playing to a tie is like kissing your sister. It was a great, very exciting, very well played game. Had pizza at Nikki's in Greektown. Absolutely the best pizza in the world! Also ordered the Saganaki ( a flaming cheese appetizer). Shouted OOPA as waitress nearly singed off her eyebrows! This was my daughter-in-law Tara's first trip to Detroit. My brother-in-law Tim had great fun stopping traffic on Beubien St. so he could get pictures of Sean and Tara with the Greektown Casino marque in the background! Apparently they are used to tourists with camera's because nobody got impatient and honked or gave us the "you're #1" sign. Tara also got the grand tour of the Grosse Point's, and was just flabbergasted by the huge mansions.

Sunday morning started with a swim and breakfast by the pool. Long article in Oakland Press about global warming. It seems the earth's glaciers are melting at a much faster rate than previously thought. This is especially true of the South American glaciers. The article went on to discuss the climate ramifications in some detail. Here's a financial tip, if you are under thirty, buy Michigan real estate. It is about to become Florida without the sharks, barracudas and southerners!

Had lunch at the Rocket in Pontiac. Hadn't eaten there since I was in high school (roughly 35 years ago). Hasn't changed a bit. Still the home of the Rocket burger (a 3/4 lb. char-broiled burger on bakery bun). Same greasy, crispy, fried in animal fat french fries. Real milkshakes! In short, heaven!

A quick stop at Tim Horton's for Timtarts (god, I wish we had a Tim Horton's in South Bend) and coffee, then a mad dash home to SB for texas style bbq and Super Bowl, courtesy of #2 son Steven and his gf Sarah. Great food, great game, great party. Plenty of hard cider. There were about 30 people there, all but 2 of us under thirty. EVERYONE agreed, McCARTNEY BEST HALFTIME EVER!

Rest of week a blur. Bush getting called out by own party members on social security lies. Violence on upswing in Iraq. Broken keyboard. Tara's birthday dinner. Puppy's first ride in Semi. THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS!

Wow, you are a hard core Canadian wanna-be if you revere such institutions like Tim's (not to mention Don Cherry). But wait second: I've reread this entry twice and am confused. Since when did Tim go south?

Tim's, interestingly enough, is just starting to catch on out here on the west coast, whereas you can't spit in Ontario without hitting one of their locations. They even have drive-thrus!
I wish there was a Tim Horton's here as well. I dated a Canadian (who actually lived in Canada, it was a long distance thing) for 3 years and I always made him take me there.
we've had Tim in southeast Michigan roughly 10 years now. Before that, it was a treat for the kids to go to Windsor for 5 pin bowling and Timtarts.
see, I even know abut 5 pin bowling!
I'm prolly gonna get lynched for this....

I recently had my first exposure to Tim Horton's. I went to Buffalo with a friend to attend a wedding that we hated. As long as I've known this girl, she has said that Tim Horton is the best coffee and doughnuts EVER. When we finally got there, I wasn't impressed. The coffee was good, but you have to understand that I come from Krispy Kreme country. KK's world headquarters is a 23 minute drive from my house. So the doughnuts didn't impress me at all. It was good, but the hype was a little too much. Sorry.
I have heard that KK makes better doughnuts, but we have so few KKs up here that most people don't have a choice. I do remember when the first KK opened in Canada - in the Toronto area, I believe but am not certain - that there was a HUGE to-do over it. The CBC went down there and did a blind taste test of the doughnuts, and out of the five participants, only one chose Tim's over KK.

BTW, I don't know what they serve in the states, but Tim's does a fantastic iced cappucino drink that is great during the muggy summers. This is probably the only thing I get from them, since I'm not a coffee drinker at all and I try to stay away from doughnuts (I'd rather indulge in other things). Other than the odd Iced Cap in the summer, I don't darken their door too much unless I'm with a group of people who suddenly need a fix.
Is there any other type of bowling up here? I've never seen 10 pin bowling anywhere...Not that I've looked or anything so I'm sure it must exist somewhere in this country. But I grew up with 5 pin and was always confused when I saw 10 pin bowling on US t.v. "Mommy, why don't we have that kind of bowling ball at our alley?" etc.
Krispy Kreme doughnuts are very doughy and sickeningly sweet. Much prefer Tim's, or for that matter Dunkin Donuts or Dixie Creme. KK is the essence of marketing over matter.

In southeast Ontario, most alleys have both 5 pin and 10 pin bowling, abut equally popular.
Yes, whenever people talk about KK up here, it's always "Oooh, the conveyor belt...ooh, you get one free from the conveyor belt...the conveyor belt is so cool..." etc. I've heard the doughnuts are sweet but and rich, but people don't seem to care. It's all about that conveyor belt.
In my mind, the only time KK are better than any other donuts is if you get 'em while they're hot. Then they melt in your mouth like an altar boy on Father Reilly's tongue.
Udderwise, I'm Tim's all the way. Yay southeast Michigan!
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