Friday, February 25, 2005



IT WAS SO EXCITING! More so than trying to make the blonde at the end of the bar. Well, maybe not the 38D blonde, but, exciting as hell anyhow! I WON MY FIRST AUCTON ON EBAY!

I was searching for hockey tickets to a Michigan home game. Never been to Yost Arena, there's a three year wait for tickets. On a whim, I decided to search eBay. There they were...4 tickets to the final home game, against a very good Bowling Green U. team. Only one bid! So I bid two bucks more. I check back about a half hour later, he's upped my bid by a dollar. I see his dollar and raise him two. I check back a couple of more times that evening......NO NEW BIDS! I'M PUMPED!

I call #1 son and tell him what I've done. He bursts my bubble. He says "dad, he's gonna ambush you! He's gonna wait till the very last minute to put in a bid and hope you will already assume you've won. You've gotta be ready for him!"

I check the computer several times that night. Finally at 9 p.m., I check one more time. No new bids. 22 1/2 hours left! I get off work the next night at seven, call my daughter and tell her to "get her ass off the computer", and race home like a mad man. Get online, log in! 15 minutes left. Still high bidder! Refresh screen every thirty seconds. 3 minutes, still high bid. Refreshing screen every 15 seconds. 1:45 left, THERE IT IS! He's upped my bid by a dollar. I wait till countdown hits one minute, and place my final bid. I refresh screen, bid hasn't posted! I refresh again, STILL hasn't posted! TEN SECONDS LEFT! EUREKA! My bid posts! The boys and I are goin' to Ann Arbor on March 6! I haven't been this excited since, well, I scored with the 38D blonde at the end of the bar!

I have a friend who warned me once that ebay is addicting. I think she's right! My next searches; FROZEN FOUR tics, and WILCO tics!

You've been deflowered!
Or is that E-flowered?

Ah, welcome to the vortex of online bidding, my friend. We've been waiting for you! :)
I've had those right-down-to-the-last minute bidding wars, and it gets me goin' like a good video game.
I'm addicted to buying accordion sheet music on ebay....and mrs anchovy, well, she has the market cornered on 'collectables'.......
I'm guessin not the hockey porton of the collecables market. I'm pretty sure my son has that market cornered.
That's awesome!!! Have a great time!
andrea, hope ou ae feeling better!
I'm feeling a bit better, thanks :)
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