Friday, March 18, 2005



After two years of work, all the tracks are recorded for BOB SEGER'S first studio album in ten years. Tentatively titled "Face The Change", the album is said to include a cut with Seger, Kid Rock, and Vince Gill on a cover of Gill's song "Real Mean Bottle". Besides Kid, Vince, Saxophonist extrordinaire Alto Reed and the rest of the Silver Bullets, also performing on the album are guitarist Rick Vito, and LITTLE FEATS Billy Paine (keyboards) and Richie Hayward (drums). Seger and producer David Cole are said to be in the process of final editing now. No release date has been issued, and Seger's notorious perfectionism could hold things up, BUT, the long awaited new album is coming! Even BETTER NEWS, Alto Reed says this bodes very well for a new Seger tour, which would be the first since the blockbuster, million plus tickets sold tour of 1996!

OTHER NEWS.... I recently exchanged emails with New England folk legend CORMACK McCARTHY. He tells me that a new album will be released in the fall. Also, he may be putting together his first midwest tour in a few years. If he does, likely venues would include THE ARK in Ann Arbor, the OLD TOWN SCHOOL OF MUSIC in Chicago, FRONT PORCH MUSIC in Valpo, and almost definitely LVD'S in Goshen IN. So keep an eye on these venues!

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