Sunday, March 27, 2005



We had the pleasure of being seated next to the fiance of one of the Colorado College players and her family last night. At the end of the game, her father told the family "we sure got a gift on this one." He recognized what everyone in the arena did. That, while Colorado College took advantage of its breaks to come back from a three goal deficit and win the game, they would never have had the opportunity if not for the officials. This was the most poorly officiated game I have seen at any level in several years. The worst since the near riot game in Detroit three years ago.

I hope this wasn't a CCHA officiating crew who did this game. Because I have marveled all year at how well officiated the CCHA games have been this year. It would be a shame if they had blown one that badly now. I must give credit to the Michigan fans, however. There was no throwing objects on the ice, no fights afterwards. If the Red Wings had been victimized like this........

Anyhow, the final four.... Colorado College, Minnesota, Denver, and North Dakota. The Fighting Sioux have a red hot goalie, so watch out for them!

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