Wednesday, March 02, 2005



Due to displeasure at Canada's decision not to participate in America's latest missile defense boondoggle, the Bush administration has announced that Sec. of State Rice is postponing her scheduled visit to Canada.

Maybe my Canadian friends will inform me differently, but I have to believe they are looking at this with a sense of bemused relief. After all, isn't this kinda like having your boorish neighbor announce he isn't coming to your 4th of July party. You know the neighbor I'm talking about. The self important, demanding, arrogant know it all who is always telling you how you should do things even though he can't manage his own house.

Well, Canada, we're not coming to your Victoria Day celebration this year because you didn't appreciate our fireworks last year! And aren't you grateful?

As a proud Canadian, and fervent follower of the American politcal BS agenda machine, I would like on behalf of my people say to you: WE LOVE YOU! You are welcome to my free flu vaccinations any day. I'll even send you home with a free Celine Dion CD.
Actually, many Canadians are probably going, who is this Condi person anyways?
good point wandering coyote! For those who don't know, Condeleeza Rice is like Colin Powell, only more conservative and with MUCH better legs.

CTRM....can I get Arcade Fire or Allanis Morrisette instead?
I can hardly bear not getting a visit from lovely Condi. The nerve of us Canucks, not wanting any part of the Bush 'shoot 'em out of the sky' agenda.
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