Saturday, March 12, 2005



GOOD NEWS - Finally, hockey on national television! (FOX SPORTSNET)
BAD NEWS- One of those games is Michigan vs. Notre Dame. Combined score of their four previous games this year: MICHIGAN 32, NOTRE DAME 4.

BAD NEWS - US TRADE DEFICIT hit 7% of GDP this month. Last two countries that happened to (Mexico, Thailand) had currency collapse shortly thereafter. Alan Greenspan says this is “unsustainable”.

BAD NEWS - US BUDGET DEFICIT also at all time high, putting further pressure on the dollar.

VERY BAD NEWS - OIL PRICES continue to soar as demand soars and dollar weakens. Gas here is up 20 cents over last week, expected to go up at least that much more.

MORE VERY BAD NEWS - Turns out our intelligence in IRAN is no better than our intelligence was in Iraq. In other words, NON EXISTENT! Truth is, we have no idea what is actually going on with Iran's “nucular” program. Perhaps this is why the evil emperor has suddenly done an about face and is cooperating with the Europeans in negotiating with Iran!

GOOD NEWS - DEMOCRACY BREAKING OUT IN MIDEAST! Lebanese force out pro Syrian president. Egypt announces democratic reforms including election for president. Elected officials in Iraq negotiating to put new, ethnically/factionally inclusive government in place.

BAD NEWS (OOPS) - WHAT A DIFFERENCE A WEEK MAKES! In Lebanon, pro Syrian president back in office, pro Syrian demonstrations twice the size of anti Syrian demonstrations! In Egypt, the opposition candidate for president has been jailed. In Iraq, the insurgency grows more powerful weekly, as daily death tolls
grow larger! Negotiations to form new government appear to be stalled!

GOOD NEWS - ST. PATRICK'S DAY PLANS are well underway, including a visit to FIDDLER'S HEARTH. Entertainment includes KENNEDY'S KITCHEN and WHISKEY BEFORE BREAKFAST!

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