Wednesday, March 23, 2005



This blog started out as a political blog that occasionally dabbled in pop culture and hockey. Lately, it has become a pop culture and hockey blog that occasionally dabbles in politics. How did this HAPPEN?

First, there is the blood pressure issue. Second, there is a certain amount of despondency at watching the country in a downhill slide along a dirty road that leads to de facto fascism. But mostly, it has been a time issue.

Unlike Fuxnews, I actually like to know the details of a subject I am writing about. And that, my friends, takes a bit of research (hear that Bill O'Lielly and Britt Fume?)! And most of my research time recently has gone into preparing to launch my new canoeing blog (hopefully coming in a couple of weeks). However, I will, in the next couple of days, have something to say, both on the Shiavo case, and on the unseen human costs of the Iraq war.

Of course, Wolverine hockey, Tiger baseball, and the latest hot music downloads are likely to appear too!

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