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I realize the top ten song list I posted recently may have left the impression that I am a geezer who only listens to class rock and oldies stations. Nothing could be further from the truth! Well, the Geezer part might be true, but not the stuff about me only listening to class rock! Actually, mostly I listen to the local college stations. Here is my TOP 10 of current acts:

10. DIGBY (just consistently good pop)
9. SIXPENCE; NONE THE RICHER (yeah, I know they are officially disbanded, but they have one more album to be released.
And Leigh Nash makes me ache all over)
8. Natalie Imbruglia (sexy woman with sexy voice and smart lyrics)
7. FIVE FOR FIGHTING (nice, innovative pop, and hockey fans to boot)
6. THE LEGENDS (terrific Indie rock with great harmonies, great guitar work and distinct motown beat)
5. The MENDOZA LINE (great New York alternative/rock band)
4. WILCO (the heirs apparent to THE GRATEFUL DEAD and PHISH)
2. NO DOUBT (and Gwen is SOOOO hot)

and the band i am listening to most:
1. GREEN DAY (love about everything they have ever done)

Honorable mention: THE WHITE STRIPES (check out their great, campy, live version of Dolly Parton's JOLENE on the Blackpool Deluxe album

You are very cool. I have only heard of a few of those bands myself.
American Idiot is one of the best albums to come out in recent years...
i agree completely
LOL...with both of you!
....way hipper than me, mister bear....I spent the afternoon listening to Portuguese button accordion music....
I like American Idiot myself :-) and that has nothing to do with the posts on All Things Canadian :-) I saw your post on my blog, and you're welcome :-)
Oh, this is always fun. Except some bands I started to consider "new" I realized really aren't anymore :)
So here's my try:

1. Kid Rock. Get made fun of, don't care, dig his groove.
2. No Doubt. If Bear can count 'em, so can I.
3. Los Lonely Boys. Can't stop listening. The harmonies just slay me.
4. Alicia Keys. I think she will be around for a long time with that kind of talent.
5. Maroon 5. If Stevie Wonder hadn't decided he was too important for pop after "Songs in the Key of Life" I think his albums would sound like M5's "Songs About Jane."
6. Susan Tedeschi. Blues rocker with a voice to make you drop to your knees in pseudo-religious wonder.
7. Jamie Cullum. Jazz and pop with a refreshing twist to it all. Go see this dude live.
8. Cake. I bug out to their bass lines all day. It ain't pretty.
9. Joss Stone. Jailbait shouldn't be allowed to sound like that when it sings.
10. Sass Jordan. No, she's probably not technically "new" but I wanted her on my list. Canadian lass with a voice ripped from the Janis songbook. She rocks, baby, she rocks!
I can't listen to Kid Rock because I can't help but think of the first "song" of his I ever heard back in the early 90s... called "balls in your mouth"... it is so bad (not offensive bad - artistically BAAAAD) with bad synthesizers in the background and everything... You can't redeem yourself in my eyes after something like that ;-)
Mr. A - Nothing wrong with button accordion. Some of my favorite Celtic groups feature it prominently.

Katy - I said current, not new, so Gwen definitely counts, and the judges have ruled we'll allow Sass too!
Never cared for Kid during his rap and hip hop phase, Do like his last couple of albums though, kinda reminds me of a modern David Allen Coe. And I love the song SON OF DETROIT.
I'm actually going through a rap/hip-hop phase right now. I can only attribute it to mid-life crisis, as I am turning 40 in May. I've already had a red sports car, so now I must be trying another approach to the fountain of youth.

I'm sure Jim would just rather I get a boob job and be done with it.
You have great taste in music. There is a radio show I listen to that you might like. It's Bob Harris' show on BBC Radio 2. It's on late night on Friday and Saturday in the UK, so I think it's late afternoon/early evening for us. But they save the shows and you can listen to them whenever you want until the next show airs. The Friday and Saturday shows are separate, so both will be up there. I am listening to the Friday show now :) He plays a great mix of music. You can check out some of his playlists at and find the saved shows at
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