Tuesday, March 01, 2005



It must really be a big deal if it gets American news and ESPN's SPORTSCENTER to pay attention to Curling.

It is being called the greatest final rock in the history of the sport. Jennifer Jones' spectacular final throw propelled Manitoba to a victory over Ontario and into the women's World Championships in Scotland. See a replay of the "rock heard 'round the world" here!

good job picking this one up mister bear... I had a chance to curl a couple years ago and it gave me a lot of respect for the game...it's very challenging and a lot of fun...plus you can drink!
When I was dating The Canadian I learned all about curling. The Canadian national championships is called The Briar, and it's nationally televised. We went to this sports bar to hang out with his friends, and it was on. And people were really getting into it. I thought it was so cool. So when it became an Olympic sport my friends thought I was nuts to watch it. There was something on the news about it recently, with nationals being held near here. I think one day I might give it a try.
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