Thursday, March 03, 2005



The other GWB (the evil one) wants to partially privatize social security. In order to do so, the federal government will have to borrow 2 TRILLION dollars to finance the transition. And for those of us currently between age 50 and 61, we still get our promised benefits cut! Thing is, the government only owes the social security trust fund 1.3 trillion dollars. Why don't they just borrow 1.3 trillion, pay back the trust fund, and then take social security off budget so congress isn't tempted to raid the fund again?

This would not only fund social security permanently, we could even afford to raise benefits. AND STILL SAVE 700 BILLION DOLLARS!

Am I missing something here?

well now, if it made sense i seriously doubt that george w would be pushing for it now would he?? guess that extra 700 million is his commission for 'saving' social security...
have been wondering if you got your ticket to go see gw later today.. afterall they said that they were having community members in attendance to hear all these new plans.. it couldnt possibly be that they only want those members of the communities that agree with him there could it??
and speaking of expenses, why not save all the money being spent flying around the nation trying to gain support for a system change that only 46% of the public is in favor of (depending on which poll you read) and use those funds to help balance the social security deficit?? oh thats right, that is what a financially responsible individual would do..
actually,congressman chocopoodle says that the meeting isn't open to the public...but he's sure there will be SOMEBODY there with opinions that differ from Dubya's (wonder how many little old ladies with LEAVE OUR SOCIAL SECURITY ALONE t-shirts will be detained by the secret service?)!
This is allowed to go on because we have a country full of easily distractable people who don't want to be bothered to think outside the specified guidelines.
Whenever anyone makes a legitimate complaint, like, "Hey, when I retire, I might have to eat cat food to survive!" the GWB magicians wave a pretty silk scarf and say "Look over there! Bare breast! Family Values! Must protect the children!"

And damned if it doesn't work every time.
Conservative Christian America: Baaaaaaaaaaaa!
Also, Social Security is an evil program that puts the federal government in charge of providing for citizens' welfare - and we all know that under a strcictly capitalist model - that just can't happen. Nevermind that Jesus would probably have been a socialist.

And yes, the 'mercican people are easily distracted.

Thankfully polls show that most people are still too confused by Bush's plan to support messing with a good thing.

His whole plan all along has been to bankrupt the federal government so they can start getting rid of the "handouts" under the guise of "balancing the budget" - it's exactly what Reagan did.
Good God, man! How can you question the wisdomocracy of President Lawn Ornament! Don't you realize the Michael Jackson trial is being staged for your benefit. And don't forget the hour-by-hour coverage of Martha's first day out of jail. Join her for a nice hot chocolate early this afternoon.

Fancy Feast with a hefty topping of garlic powder isn't all that bad.
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