Tuesday, March 01, 2005



Ex-major league pitcher and poster boy for the terminally left handed, Bill Lee, has a new book out about his life after baseball. He was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday. It turns out that is exactly what he is, a breath of fresh air.

When asked if he ever cheated, he replied "oh yeah, every chance I got. I'd use anything if it would help make a pitch drop."
So it doesn't bother you if someone uses a corked bat or something like that? "No, I loved it. It meant that guy thought he had lost something, was getting jammed. Pitchers have an amazing network. If some guy starts using a lighter bat or changes his stance in batting practice, every pitcher in the league knows it. Trust me, it's on the web!"

On living in Vermont: "Vermont saved my life, literally. We call my house in Vermont the half way house. Because it's half way between a bar in Boston and a bar in Montreal. I'm a gregarious drinker, and since we don't have many parties in Vermont, I'm sober most of the time."

On mandatory drug testing: "I tested every drug known to man in the eighties, and I came to the conclusion that they definitely shouldn't be mandatory!"

More on the Spaceman, or listen to the interview here!

That's hilarious! It reminds me of something Aerosmith's bass player said (and I quote from memory, so pardon any inaccuracy): "Yes, we had a period where we experimented with drugs. And the experiment was a SUCCESS!"
Damn, spitballs and curling on the same page. I wonder if Jones threw a knuckle-stone to win the match. I bet she's juicin', though.

Hey, GWB (not the president, of course), thanks for the visit, I'll take you up on that barleypop some time when the Gators are in town to play the Irish.
spaceman is a gas, isn't he...for sure a breath of fresh air
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