Sunday, April 03, 2005



The RIVER CLEANUP 2005 was a huge success. We had a little over 200 people, with a much younger crowd than usual. We had really good turnout from the local colleges (Notre Dame, IUSB, and Bethel), as well as great turnout from Mishawka H.S. and S.B. Riley H.S. And a heads up to former governor Joe Kernan, who showed up and worked along side everyone (as opposed to mayor Steve Lueke, who showed up just long enough to shake some hands and get a good photo op). Mayor Lueke later made up for his lack of elbow grease by making the promised dumpsters magically appear when Dept. of Sanitation failed to deliver!

In the end, we collected over a ton of trash, consumed 30 lb. of brats, smoked brats and hot dogs, 3 cases of chips, five cases of water and 6 cases of pop. A great time was had by all, especially Kipper, the 6 mos. old airedale who is technically my daughter's. Kipper is on a mission to clear the river front of those pesky geese and ducks. Fortunately for them, they can swim faster than he can. And that flying thing helps too!

Again, a special thanks to all the merchants who helped financially, especially THE LANDING, THE OAKEN BUCKET, and MARTIN'S SUPERMARKETS. And special thanks to Jim and Donna at the Ironwood Blvd. MARTIN'S for not only donating the water and the sausages, but helping me pull together all the needed supplies! Great job folks!

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