Monday, May 30, 2005



Anyone who is more than remotely acquainted with me knows I am nothing if not all about Detroit. Especially Detroit sports. Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, Shock, love em all. I am probably the only guy in America who mourns for the defunct Turbo's of the National Lacrosse League. And the Neon, I really miss the Neon (indoor soccer), and the Vipers (my sons still have their Vipers jerseys). I have a special place in my heart for the world champion Pistons. I love Ben and Chauncey and Rip and 'Sheed and Tayshawn (in a manly sort of way, understand). Having said that, I have to tell you..... the NBA JUST SUCKS!!! It is easily the most boring of all the professional sports!

Last nights game was typical of the NBA. First, the NBA has the highest paid officials in professional sports. They are also by far the worst of any league. They were brutal last night. And the game...even watching on big screen HD didn't help. The last five minutes, DEAR GAWD, the last five minutes of the game took 42 minutes to play (yeah, we counted)! Paint dries faster. And is much more exciting. The only thing that could have made it worse was if Darco had been forced to play.

So bring back the Turbo, the Neon, the Vipers. Let my summer days be spent basking in the sun at Comerica Park. May I spend eternity in a center ice seat at the Joe. But the only damn thing I want to see at the Palace of Auburn Hills is a Bob Seger concert!

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