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Sy Hersh
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Seymour Hersh is considered America's top investigative reporter. It was he who first reported the My Lai massacre, He was the first to report the story of the Abu Gharib prisoner abuses. He has been reporting for some time not that the US has ben conducting covert operations in iran, scouting nuclear facilities as possible targets. Both he and Scott Ritter, former Marine intelligence officer and UNSCOM weapons inspector, have reported that plans for a June attack on Iran are on George bush's desk and have been approved.

Now, the Virginia-Pilot (Hampton Roads VA) is reporting:

NORFOLK — The Navy has ordered five ships and 2,800 sailors to deploy on unexpected missions to support anti-terrorism efforts in the Balkans and Middle East. Four of the ships will leave today. The deployments are in response to requests from the European Command and the Central Command and are not exercises, Vice Adm. Mark Fitzgerald, commander of the 2nd Fleet, said Tuesday.

While most ships know several months in advance – sometimes a year or more – when they will deploy, these ships were given between six and eight weeks’ notice to get ready, Fitzgerald said.....

.....The flotilla includes the amphibious assault ship Saipan, amphibious transport dock Nashville and the guided missile frigate Nicholas, all from Norfolk. The guided missile cruiser Philippine Sea will deploy from Mayport, Fla., and the dock landing ship Gunston Hall will join the group from the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Virginia Beach a week later.

The Saipan, Nashville, Nicholas and Philippine Sea will deploy for approximately three months, while the Gunston Hall will remain at sea about six months.

Could Bush and Co. really be getting ready to pick a fight with Iran?

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Fascinating second hour of the Diane Rehm show yesterday. Her guest was Andrew Bacevich, author of the book THE NEW AMERICAN MILITARISM (Oxford Press). Bacevich, currently director of the Center for International Relations at Boston University, is a former career Marine and Viet Nam vet, and a conservative Catholic. His new book chronicles the creeping militarism that has overtaken the country, starting with Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and, and George H. Bush, escalated with the Clinton, and escalated further with George W. Bush.

It has been my contention for some time that we are creeping down the road to fascism. Militarism is an important component of fascism. Perhaps we are moving down that road faster than I thought.

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