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I HAVE MY VERY OWN TROLL! But, you all knew that. They say your blog hasn't really arrived until you have one. And Requisicat says she's jealous and wants one of her very own, even though I've offered to share mine.

Sometime trolls can be troublesome. At Dooce, the trolls got so vicious she quit allowing comments. Iddybud has begun moderating her comments because the commentary got personal and vicious. My troll, however, doesn't seem to bright enough to cause any real trouble. And my readers seem to delight in shooting him down! And gawd, has he done wonders for my site traffic! Of course, it's a bit sad, because if he was just civil and actually tried to engage us in intelligent debate, we might all actually learn something.....

One of his comments on yesterdays post was: "Oh God, Peter dull. Look your precious 60's are over and done. No more Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling stones. Everything started in the 60's is being much for the hippies! I cannot wait until every last peace creep from that era is dead of old age or, better yet, overdose." Got me to wondering.....

Tickets for Rolling Stone's sold out Aug. 21 Fenway Park (Boston) concert are currently selling from $350-$7500.

Tickets for McCartney's sold out Oct. 10 Air Canada Centre (Toronto) show are currently running $300-$2000. Expect that to triple by Labor Day.

Peter Max paintings currently sell for between $3500 and $8000.

Not bad for guys who are "over and done"

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