Thursday, June 30, 2005



An excerpt from today's NEWSDAY, via Blondesense


Jimmy Breslin
June 29, 2005

If George W. Bush wants young people to get into this war so much, why doesn't he send his two daughters over to Iraq and fight for their country?

Read today what Bush has to say about fighting in Iraq. Read it on a day when we still have three women killed in Iraq, one from the Bronx.

The Bush daughters are 23, and at the Republican National Convention in New York last summer, they were a whirlwind at night. They looked as fit to fight for their country as any high school dropout.

This is an eminently fair thought. We have today the dead body of a young Latina woman from the Bronx. She comes home when it is clear that it is time for Bush to put up his own.

"Exactly! That's what I want to know," says Fiorela Valdez, sister of the dead young woman Marine, Ramona Valdez. "He doesn't have any family over there so he don't care. None of them do. I don't know of one daughter of one of them who's over in Iraq fighting the war."
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Breslin is right, it's time for all these Yellow Elephants to stand up for the war they have so loudly called for. It should start with the first family!

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