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Babykitty with her baby kitty
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and I promised so much stuff today. But it's been such a busy day! First, I come home on my lunch hour and discover my daughter's cat, Babykitty, has a new litter, of ONE!

Then I come home from work, and it's too hot to cook indoors. So I go to the backyard and fire up the gas grill, and the lp stove, and fix cajun pork steaks, corn on the cob, and boiled baby redskin potatoes. And I break into the company beer, the Heineken, as opposed to the Old Milwaukee I usually serve myself. Then dinner is finished, and I'm sittin in the big plastic chair, with my feet propped up on the matching big plastic ottoman, and I'm sayin to myself "f**k company, they can drink the Old Milwaukee", and proceed to down a few more Heinekens. And next thing you know, it's dark out, and I have been snoring so loud the neighbor's have come over to investigate the strange noise, and to be sure I haven't somehow hurt myself.

So I think the promised goodies may have to wait till tomorrow. Otherwise, I may say something in a semi drunken stupor I'll surely regret!

One quick item though..NPR's "All Things Considered" had a great investigative piece on how the drug giant Merck knew it's drug Vioxx was dangerous before it even came to market, and how it tried to silence and intimidate it's critics. The piece makes great use of Merck internal documents. It runs in two segments about ten minutes each, and is certainly worth the listen! Go to and click on the All Things Considered link.

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