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Harry Shearer
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but this was one of those news weekends that makes you want to get up and beat the first republican you see within an inch of his life! Extraordinary Rendition, illegal bombing, Dubya's utter failure to address nations most pressing security problems. But first, something a bit more fun: Harry Shearer catches Rummy in a big lie! Seems Rummy is caught on tape telling Tim Russert that US is not negotiating with any insurgents who have blood on there hands.


Meanwhile, Bill Kristol is on Fox News pointing out:
"On the rebel side were representatives of insurgent groups including Ansar al-Sunna, which has carried out numerous suicide bombings and killed 22 people in the dining hall of an American base at Mosul last Christmas." It's bad when the folks on your own side are calling you a liar!

Now, to those things threatening to turn me violent:

Rant #1: The Chicago Tribune had a great investigative report Saturday revealing the details of how the CIA kidnapped Hassan Osama Nasr, a radical cleric better known as Abu Omar, off the streets of Milan, Italy, and delivered him to Egypt, where he was severely tortured by the Egyptian government for 8 mos., released for 2 weeks, then rearrested, never to be heard from again. If you are unfamiliar with the story, read more here. But the thing that really pissed me off is the fact that it turns out the CIA has conducted over a hundred such kidnapping/tortures (aka Extraordinary Renditions) in the past 25 years. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS VIOLATES EVERY SINGLE MORE THAT MAKES US AMERICAN? Can I be the only one who finds this disgusting and absolutely un-American? Shouldn't this piss off every true American?

Rant #2: Turns out that even as the Liar-In-Chief was telling us he had no plans to invade Iraq, the US and the UK were secretly and illegally bombing Iraq in an attempt to provoke Saddam into a reaction that would give us an excuse to invade. This right from the mouth of Lieutenant-General Michael Moseley, who commanded the air campaign during the invasion. Full Story here. My God folks, aren't you fucking sick of the constant drone of lies? As Robert Steinbeck put it in the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinal:

"Do you want to know? That's the only popular division that matters in the United States today: Those who want to determine once and for all if President Bush knowingly "fixed the facts'' regarding Iraq, thereby misleading Congress and the American people into supporting an unnecessary war, and those who will cover their ears and hum loudly in order to maintain their belief that Bush and his advisors remain above reproach."

Final rant: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Four years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush administration and the U.S. Congress are showing signs of complacency about the threat of a terrorist nuclear attack that could cripple a major city and shatter the economy, nuclear security experts said on Monday (see rest of story here).

How can it be that we have spent 400 billion dollars on homeland security, and have virtually ignored the biggest threat our country faces? Doesn't the fact that Bush is making Warren G. Harding look like an over achiever scare you shitless? Cause it damn well should!

Okay, enough ranting...I'm gonna go drown myself in Old Milwaukee (having demolished the Leinies last night).

Rant On!

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