Friday, June 03, 2005



Rush Rush Limbaugh opined today that Democrats plans to make election day a national holiday won't help them because "most of their voters don't work anyways." The following is an open letter to Rush. Please fell free to forward it along to him, or any one else.

Dear Rush

I am a Democrat. Like most of my urban neighbors. And like most of my urban neighbors, I have been gainfully employed since the age of sixteen, in my case, some thirty seven years ago. Unlike many of my urban neighbors, I have never done illegal drugs. But, like my urban neighbors, if I did, I would have BALLS enough to hunt down my own, and not ask my immigrant house keeper to risk deportation so I could have my fix. You are the worst kind of coward, the kind that would attack others who's faults mimic (or are lesser than) your own.

Mark Spurrier
South Bend IN

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