Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Okay, watching the All Star game, broadcast from my hometown, has made me crave a genuine Detroit style pizza. And just what is a Detroit style pizza you ask? Well, let me tell you. The image on the right is a true Detroit pizza, from Buddy's, one of two pizzerias claiming to be the first in Detroit to serve this dish. Also known as Italian bakery style pizza, the perfect Detroit pizza features a thick crust, crispy on the outside and bottom, soft and tender on the inside. A thick, rich sauce is topped with mozzarella cheese, which, because it's baked on a high sided sheet, gets golden brown and crispy along the edges. A true Detroit Pizza is as close as you will ever come to heaven on earth.

Chicago, with Edwardo's and Nancy's and Lou Malnoti's may be more famous for pizza, and trust me, I LOVE Malnoti's in Old Town (and www.loutogo.com), but none of the above hold a candle to a good Detroit style pizza.

The best pizza in Motown (and the world) is at Nikki's in Greektown, followed very closely by Buddy's (Southfield and Auburn Hills), The Cloverleaf Bar and Pizzeria (Eastpointe and St. Clair Shores) and Shield's (especially the Southfield and Commerce locations).

And just so you know, I have never forgiven Buddy's for moving from my old haunts in Waterford to Auburn Hills!

I was born and raised on the original 6 Mile and Conant Buddy's Pizza....Lived in Hamtramck. I now live in Rochester MN and Every Christmas my husband (from Highland Park) and I order about 5 pizzas delivered. WHAT A TREAT. The pizza here in Minnesota we call Stuff on a Cracker. Detroit Style Pizza is the BEST!!
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