Friday, July 22, 2005



I hate it when I have a week so busy and frazzled that I have no time to blog! That was the week that was. However, I have been feeding the mind; dropping in on your blogs, listening to public radio. Here is the best of the week:

If this one doesn't scare you, it should. The war in Iraq is quickly going to hell in a handbasket. From the TIMES of London (with thanks to Wanda at the blog Words On a Page) :

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

The brilliant Robert Reich, Former Chair of the Harvard School of Economics and Secretary of Labor has a lot to say about our bi-polar China policy:
The China Problem

Fresh Air rebroadcast an interview with the brilliant, fabulous, insert every superlative you can think of Jon Stewert, in honor of the release of the DVD of INDECISION 2004:
Jon Stewart.

We're cooking three one pot recipes, perfect for camping or a quick meal at THE CHURCH POTLUCK

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