Tuesday, August 30, 2005



Sigh.... Lost all my comments on the blog trying to get rid of haloscan. Actually, I can go to the haloscan web site and revue them, just can't view them here! So if you wanted to review the brilliant and pithy comments you left here, my apologies.

I also lost all my site links at the same time... hopefully, I'll have them back up and running this weekend!

OH NO! You lost ALL Stevie's spewings. Whatever shall we do?

No problem; just write something new and pithy and we'll respond.
um, I hope I didn't cause this by telling you I had problems commenting on your blog.....yikes!
no... it was because haloscan didn't offer word verification. And if anyone actually wants to go back and see the comments, i'll gladly give you the password to my haloscan account so you can peruse them at your leisure!
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