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Jillian Bandes

So much really good stuff in the news this morning. A whole weekends worth of blog material! But first, to the funny stuff!

I saw this on MOUNTAIN GIRL'S site and had to try it. Google the word failure. The first item that comes up is (no shit) THE BIOGRAPHY OF GEORGE W. BUSH! Try it! I damn near fell outta my chair laughing. As of this writing, it was still working!

JESUS' GENERAL is on a roll! Check out She's Like Ann Coulter Without The Penis!

The General came across a column in THE DAILY TARHEEL (the UNC student newspaper) in which it's author, Jillian Bandes, advocates, among other things, strip and full cavity searches for any one of Arabic descent coming within 100 yards of an airport. The following is a copy of a letter I have sent to Ms. Bandes:

Dear Ms. Bandes

I am amazed and disappointed that the faculty advisors of your newspaper would allow such a factually inaccurate and blatantly racist piece of pap to be published in your newspaper. I am speaking, of course, of your commentary titled IT'S SAD, BUT RACIAL PROFILING IS NECESSARY FOR OUR SAFETY.

We'll get back to your comment about full body and cavity searches. Let's look at the factual inaccuracies first.

"And you can't debate that while most Arabs are not terrorists, sadly, most terrorists are indeed Arab."

Let's see; Bombing of the hotel in Bali. Indonesians. London subway bombings: Pakistani. Shoebomber: English. Russian school hostage crisis: Chechen. None of these folks were Arab. BUT, they were all MUSLIMS! So perhaps we should do full body searches on all the followers of ISLAM!

But wait. The Oklahoma City, Atlanta Olympic, Atlanta Lesbian bar, Atlantic coast Gay Bar, London Gay bar, London nail bombs in Bangledeshi and Afro-Caribbean neighborhoods, as well as abortion clinic bombings, shootings, acid attacks, etc. too numerous to mention. ALL perpetrated by fundamentalist CHRISTIANS.

So here's the deal. If you are willing to do full body and cavity searches on anybody coming within 100 yards of any hospital, medical facility, or Gay bar who looks like they might be Christians, I'm willing to to do full body and cavity searches on Arabs at airports.

In the meantime, here's hoping that on your next visit to an airport, a very matronly looking dyke is in charge of security and takes a very personal interest in you. Enjoy the search!

Mark Spurrier

Read the reactions of Arab students and professors interviewed for this article on Ms Bandes wanting to see Arabs "all sexed up" HERE

UPDATE: Ms. Bandes has been fired for misrepresenting the opinions of those whom she interviewed. She is already being held up for martyrdom by Ann Coulter and Apparently, no disciplinary action has been taken against the editors who allowed this piece of crap to run.

if you type the word s "miserable failure" into almsot any search engine, Bush's Biography comes up #1 or #2. something about Bush is always #1. Ive tried it with google, yahoo, alta vista, lycos, ask jeeves, metacrawler, dogpile
I can not believe that girl...I think she will get an email from me too...
Oh man! What a great laugh to start the weekend with. Once again I'm telling people on my blog to go read yours. *sigh* :-)
Well, as of 2:30 PM Central time it was still working. You know as soon as they figure it out, GDubya's corporate cronies at Google will take it down. It won't change the truth but they will change your ability to see it.

Speaking of searching 'terrorist'. Did anyone think to search Katrina? Because if I'm not mistaken the carnage delivered by her, far outdistanced any done by a human terrorist.
I think the mayor of San Fransisco said it quite well last night. He said we've placed so much focus on human terrorist that we've forgotten the most devastating occurrances have all been by nature. Yet these are the ones we are least prepared for.
I wonder when was the last time an Arab terrorist devastated the coast of North Carolina? On the other hand a lady by the name of Ophilia just delivered yet another blow to their beautiful oceanside property.
The scary thing is the Arab/Muslim terrorist actually believes it's his God who creating all these disaters that are being visited upon the US. Even scarier is the idea that I'm beginning to have some concerns along those lines myself.
Is God punishing us for our 'failures'?
we are just victims of our own stupidity! We keep building and rebuilding in places that aren't safe, continue to degrade the barriers and marshes that help protect us from disasters, then wonder why we pay for it when the storms hit. Mama Gump was right.. "stupid is as stupid does".
Is this student "journalist" an example of the next generation?

Are there more little shits like her out there?

If so, goddess help us all.
Even more stupid than messing with our wetlands is the yuppie practice of building housing developments on prime farmland!

Loved your letter!
It's good to know that we're still raising fine young bigots. Ms. Coulter is getting a little long in the tooth (she's no Helen Thomas ... but that's another story) and may need to be replaced. Ms. Bandes has all the qualifications:
- no journalist integrity
- limited inteliigence
- no understanding of any culture besides her own
- is mildly pleasing to the eye
Perhaps a wanna-be Ann Coulter? Why someone would want to be Ann Coulter, now that's another question entirely.
my point exacctly!
I wish I had Anne's money...that would change my politics a smackrel.
Naw, if you got yours like she got hers, you'd spend all your time in the shower trying to wash that dirty feeling away!

And Mountain Girl would kick your ass!
I love the Jesus General, he has been a favorite for a long time. I can't believe that article!! One month after 9/11 We had a very popular radio station here - THE RIVER that had the most popular DJ, PHIL WMS - have people call in w/ their favorite slang term for an 'arab' once - his being 'diaper head' - I helped spearhead a complaint crew and he ended up having to do an on air apology show about it - but this stuff is just insane. I LOVE YOUR LETTER!
Thanks for the reality check, Bear! My lack of funds overwhelms me at times. I guess my soul ain't for sale.
Works with "moron", too. Heehee. (I tried many applicable nouns: a**hole, idiot, twit, jerk...etc.)
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